Developing a   Novel Treatment for Gout

MedCryst Therapeutics are engaged in research and development into a novel treatment for gout.

We have carried out extensive laboratory work to optimise a system to enhance the solubility of the crystals which cause gout (mono-sodium urate) in a model aqueous system using 'generally-regarded-as-safe' excipients. These results have enabled a full patent to be filed and we are looking to launch our first product in the very near future.

The MedCryst Approach

Novel technology

Completely novel approach targeting the actual cause of gout by increasing solubility of the mono-sodium urate crystals ‘in-vivo’ i.e. in the body

Ultrasound treatment 

Can use non-invasive, safe ultrasound therapy to help the mono-sodium urate crystals to dissolve in-vivo

Safe formulation

New formulation developed using already ''generally regarded as safe’ excipients delivered transdermally

Ethical approach

Formulations comprise only previously tested and approved ingredients (excipients) which will avoid any animal testing for this new approach

Latest results and ongoing research

  • Lab results show lead excipient-based systems can increase mono-sodium urate crystal solubility by up to 400% in simulated blood / synovial fluid medium (phosphate-buffered saline)
  • Skin permeation testing (Franz-cells) show that lead formulation can diffuse sufficiently through skin and deliver solubility increase of up to 80%
  • Lead formulations have pharmaceutically acceptable levels of each excipient and water