About MedCryst Therapeutics

MedCryst Therapeutics was founded in 2017 by Dr Mark Hooper and is dedicated to developing new treatments for the inflammatory arthritis condition of gout. The company is centred around the concept of applying basic chemistry and formulation principles to the challenge of helping crystals of an organic salt (mono-sodium urate) to dissolve in a medical setting, hence MedCryst Therapeutics.  

Over the last years, we have developed various lead formulations that show real promise in the laboratory environment based on previously used and tested ingredients (excipients). The next stage is to launch our first product - "Gout Buster Gel".

CEO & Founder:   Dr Mark Hooper B.A. (Oxon), DPhil, MBA

Dr Mark Hooper brings industry and real-world experience combined with world-class scientific knowledge to the challenge of developing and launching a novel treatment, with first-class scientific qualifications from Oxford and Yale Universities, an MBA from Warwick and over 18 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical development industry.

Dr Hooper worked in both business development and technical  roles in a formulation development and GMP manufacturing company, helping the company grow from 6 employees to over 30 employees. He has expertise in characterisation of drug crystals, physical forms and polymorphs, catalysis and chiral synthesis of drugs, and full drug synthesis. Previous to that, he gained valuble experience working at a multi-national precious metals company.

Virtual Pharmaceutical Development

MedCryst are currently working with a team of external experts who provide input and experience to the development process. This includes:

  • One of the world's leading researchers and medical expert on the treatment of gout
  • A leading UK IP firm handling patenting and IP strategy
  • A top contract research organisation (CRO) offering clinical research solutions and many years' experience in manufacturing products